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MATCH REPORTS Jul - Dec 2018

1st July - Windsor Under 8s & Mini-Mon, Windsor

GOLD Ellis Davies
GOLD Joe Greatholder
GOLD Kyrese Lares
GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez
SILVER Ralph Giddens
SILVER Anoop Kaur
SILVER Anton Derkach
SILVER Robyn Davies
BRONZE Niki Durkovich

Robyn was presented a special spirit of Judo trophy for her effort during the event. 

7th July - Bishops Stortford Teams

Robyn was asked to compete in a Hackney under 12 girls team. They gave it everything but didn’t make it to the medals. Ellis fought for the home club in an under 12 boy’s team and after 5 rounds they just missed out on the bronze. 

Valentine, Maddy & Sophie made up an all Ealing Pre-Cadet girls team. This category had some serious class with national medalists all over the place. Our girls had a fantastic day though and after 5 very tough rounds they came away with the team trophy and a gold medal each. 

Above: Sophie, Maddy & Valentine preparing to compete. 

14th & 15th July - Brain Tumour Charity Tournament, Newport, Wales

GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez
GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Luke Davies
GOLD Adam Burt
BRONZE Callum Burt
BRONZE Ellis Davies
5th place Robyn Davies
5th place Joe Greatholder
Connor did not place 

GOLD Connor Gossedge
GOLD Ryan Burt (-21)
GOLD Ryan Burt (senior)
GOLD Benji Westcott
GOLD Elena Bob
SILVER Adam Burt

At lunchtime on the Saturday a very special event was held, specifically to remember Jamie McDonald and to raise money for the Brain Tumour Charity. A team of ‘Legends’ was amassed and pitted against a team of children and a fantastic team match took place. The children won of course, 20-0! Luke, Peter, Ellis & Robyn took part and had the great fortune to grip up with Angelo Parisi, John Buchanan, Kerry Pulvirenti (Jamie’s Coach) and Loretta Cusack-Doyle. Ellis was also named children’s team captain! 

Above: Luke being presented with a signed book by Olympic Champion Angelo Parisi (FRA)

28th & 29th July - West of England Open, Weston-Super-Mare

GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez 
GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Jaap Kaur
5th place Ellis Davies
5th place Dlair Singh 
Callum was unplaced

GOLD Natasha Glassford
SILVER Ryan Burt
SILVER Elena Bob
BRONZE Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Adam Burt
BRONZE Ben Westcott
BRONZE Abdel Naouri
Antonio was unplaced

30th July - EJC Ne-Waza Event

GOLD Anoop Kaur
GOLD Callum Burt
GOLD Anton Derkach
GOLD Dlair Singh
GOLD Jaap Kaur
GOLD Gianluca Dettori
GOLD Elena Bob
GOLD Silviu Nastasa
GOLD Ryan Burt
SILVER Robyn Davies
SILVER Ellis Davies
SILVER Luke Davies
SILVER Maddy Birri
SILVER Francesca Birri
SILVER Jacob Armstrong
SILVER Ben Westcott
BRONZE Farid Odeh
BRONZE Ralph Giddens
BRONZE Joe Greatholder
BRONZE Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Adam Burt

11th August - Eastern Area Open, Thetford

GOLD Ryan Burt
GOLD Silviu Nastasa
GOLD Luke Davies
GOLD Jaap Kaur
SILVER Giovanny Antalika
SILVER Mounir Baaziz
SILVER Peter Davies
SILVER Maya Aubert-Gomez 
BRONZE Abdel Naouri
BRONZE Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Dlair Singh
BRONZE Robyn Davies

Callum, Ellis, Joe, Adam B & Daniel B all fought well but without a rostrum finish. 

27th August - EJC v. Aichi Prefecture, Japan - Friendly Team Match

Connor, Showgo and Silviu faced up against Morita-San and his two students visiting from Japan. It was a lot of fun and we were happy to win on our home ground, 2-1. Thanks to Luke for refereeing. 

22nd September - World Championships, Baku, Azerbaijan

Nekoda has an incredible day in Baku, beating top class opponents, including a jaw-dropping semi-final win against world number one Dorjsuren of of Mongolia (winning moment pictured above). In the final she lost out against Yoshida of Japan but to add a silver medal to last year’s bronze puts Bekoda firmly into a list of elite British judoka. Only 14 Brits have ever won more than one medal at a world championships and Nekoda makes that 15! 

22nd September - Grand Rouen Teams, France

GOLD Giovanny Antalika
GOLD Ion Fiodor
GOLD John Hough
GOLD Ben Westcott
GOLD Silviu Nastasa

22nd & 23rd September - NHC Open, Hatfield

On Saturday Adam Burt places 5th in the Cadet age band. On Sunday Maya and natasha won gold medals, while Yacine and Ryan placed 5th. Connor and Callum missed out. 

29th September - Olen Cup, Belgium

Mounir won bronze at -46kg and Luke places 5th at -50kg. A very strong tournament with teams from 7 countries in attendance. 

30th September - Bristol Open

GOLD Jaap Kaur
GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez
GOLD Valentine Bachelez
GOLD Maddy Birri 
GOLD Maddy Birri
GOLD Luke Davies
BRONZE Robyn Davies
BRONZE Ellis Davies
BRONZE Sophie Wilkinson
BRONZE Francesca Birri

6th October - Glasgow European Open, Scotland

Ryan fought for the first time at this level and drew a strong Italian opponent in the first round. Despite a good showing he couldn’t get past him and went out of the event. Great effort for his debut.

12th October - Cancun Grand Prix, Mexico

5th place - Nekoda Davis

13th October - British Masters Championships, Thetford

GOLD Giovanny Antalika
GOLD Moli Ramos
SILVER Silviu Nastasa
SILVER Natasha Glassford 
5th place Cedric Aubert

14th October - British Under 12 Championships, Thetford

GOLD Jaap Kaur
BRONZE Maya Aubert-Gomez

Joe Greatholder and Ellis Davies didn’t make it to the medal stages but had a great day at their first national event. 

20th October - Welsh Junior & Senior Open, Cardiff

GOLD Tohgo Kimura 
SILVER Silviu Nastasa

it was a very tough day today. Adam, Connor, Ryan, Yacine and Ben were unable to place today. 

20th October - World Veteran Championships, Cancun, Mexico

Natasha put in an excellent performance to win a fantastic world veteran silver medal. 

21st October - Eastern Area Regional British Schools Qualifier, Littleport

GOLD Callum Burt
GOLD Robyn Davies
GOLD Ellis Davies
GOLD Sofia Krunic
GOLD Connor Gossedge
SILVER Alex Thoule
SILVER Evan Spencer
SILVER Francesca Birri
SILVER Adam Burt
BRONZE Joe Greatholder

27th October - Osterley Invitation, Hounslow

Robyn and Callum fought today and each picked up a bronze for their efforts. Well done Tiny Mighties

2nd November - Ippon Judo London Friendly Team Invitation, Long Ditton

Leon Popiel, Ralph Giddens, Maurycy Mroz, Malachi De Gale, Robyn Davies and Lucjan Popiel were a spirited team but not strong enough this time and had to settle for a team silver. Great effort from all

3rd November - Mike’s Judo Club Invitation, Brentford

GOLD Robyn Davies
GOLD Anton Derkach
SILVER Malachi De Gale
BRONZE Leon Popiel
BRONZE Hamza Kermous
BRONZE Maurycy Mroz
BRONZE Ralph Giddens
BRONZE Aleksandra Lew
BRONZE Lourdes Avakian
BRONZE Niki Durkovich

10th November - London Regional Schools, UEL

GOLD Anton Derkach
SILVER Callum Burt
SILVER Sofia Krunic
BRONZE Robyn Davies
BRONZE Alex Thoule

Ellis & Joe mossed out on the medals today. 

11th November - London Colleges & Universities event, UEL

GOLD Yacine Sifi (Junior)
GOLD Ryan Burt (Junior)
SILVER Connor Gossedge (Junior)
SILVER Ryan Burt (Senior)
SILVER Yacine Sifi (Senior)
BRONZE Adam Burt (Junior)
BRONZE Connor Gossedge (Senior)

17th November - Harnes Label ‘A’, France

An incredible event with countries from all over Europe as well as a team from Japan. Certainly the biggest arena our -15 team have ever fought in. They put in a fantasy doc performance in some huge groups and their determination paid dividends. 

GOLD Luke Davies
46 judoka in the group and the French number one was his opposition in the final. 

BRONZE Valentine Bachelez
Valentine was so successful with her counter techniques today, winning 3 out of 4 contests by Ippon.

peter won 2 and lost 2 to place 9th and Mounir was unable to progress. We are looking forward to attending Again next year with some young -18s, for a new and even bigger challenge.

Above: our team with old club-mate Ammi Takahashi, who travelled to the event with her team from Japan. 

18th November - Harlow Green & Below, Essex

GOLD Callum Burt
GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez
GOLD Alex Thoule
GOLD Lucjan Popiel
GOLD Marco Lamagna
GOLD Ben Bannister
SILVER Robyn Davies
BRONZE Ellis Davies
BRONZE Peter Davies
BRONZE Matteo Lamagna

1st & 2nd December - British Cadet & Pre-Cadet Championships, Sheffield

We had a pretty good weekend overall with 5 of the team winning Pre-Cadet national medals. Valentine, Adam B & Francesca missed out. 

GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Dlair Singh
BRONZE Maddy Birri
BRONZE Peter Davies
BRONZE Mounir Baaziz

Above: Coach Jo with the boys who medalled on day 2. 

8th December - British Junior (-21) Championships, Sheffield

BRONZE Tohgo Kimura 

Connor and Yacine made it to the second round of pools but went out at that stage.

9th December - British Senior Championships, Sheffield

Ryan and Natasha each placed 5th on the day, however a discrepancy in Ryan’s final match was discovered and appealed and Ryan’s place on the British senior team was restored. The appeals process was thorough and evidence-based and we are very grateful to the NRC and High performance team for reviewing footage and amending the results of the day correctly. 

9th December - European Club Championships, Bucharest, Romania

Bekoda fought with her friends from RSCC, France. The team included Bouchard, Agbegnenou and other big names and it was a complete privilege to see Nekoda share the mat with them. Suffice it to say that crazy team won gold! 

15th December - IJF World Masters, Guangzhou, China

This prestigious event is only open to the top 16 players in each weight in the world and forms an essential part of the Olympic qualifying process. Nekoda places 5th, beating the Rio 2016 champ along the way and although there was no medal, there were some valuable ranking points and some great fights! 

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