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MATCH REPORTS Jan - June 2018

6th January - Donderslag Trophy, Gruitrode-Meeuwen, Belgium

BRONZE Luke Davies

Adam Burt was unplaced

SILVER Ryan Burt
5th place Silviu Nastasa
Elena Bob was unplaced but fought well, with this being her first competition for 4 years. 

The team training at the Koksijde camp on Friday night, as final prep for this weekend's tournaments. 

6th January - Donderslag International Ne-waza Tournament, Belgium

Above: our medalists from the two tournaments attended today. 

The ne-waza event was attended by strong teams from Germany, Netherlands and France. The level was high and seems to be getting stronger every year.

SILVER Ryan Burt
SILVER Silviu Nastasa
BRONZE Elena Bob

20th January - Scottish Open, Glasgow

5th place Connor Gossedge
7th place Ryan Burt

BRONZE Elena Bob
7th place Silviu Nastasa
Giovanny and Ryan were unable to place today.

GOLD Giovanny Antalika
BRONZE Silviu Nastasa

20th January - London Development Event, UEL, Docklands

Our developing next generation, ably coached by Sammie, put in a great effort and were rewarded accordingly. 

GOLD Sam Amin
SILVER Callum Burt
SILVER Peter Palotas
SILVER Kiah Lares
SILVER Kyrese Lares
BRONZE Jack Devaney

28th January - Eastern Area Low Grade Open, Thetford, Norfolk

Under 12 Red to Orange Belt
GOLD Ellis Davies
GOLD Jaap Kaur
SILVER Callum Burt
SILVER Maya Aubert-Gomez
SILVER Sophie Wilkinson

12-15 Green Belt and Below
GOLD Kiah Lares
GOLD Mounir Baaziz
GOLD Dlair Singh
SILVER Alex Thoule 

Senior Novice to Blue Belt
GOLD Dinu  Bucalet (Judo debut)
GOLD Silviu Nastasa
SILVER Cedric Aubert
SILVER Adam Burt (first senior event)

at the Dan grading that followed the tournament Connor earned his first 40 points, narrowly missing out on succeeding in his line-up. Blake Inniss, however, succeeded in winning his line-up and earned his 1st Dan. 

Above L-R: Mounir, Kiah, Alex and Dlair with their medals.

10th February - Micklefield Mini-Mon, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez
SILVER Callum Burt
BRONZE Lucjan Popiel 
BRONZE Ellis Davies

10th February - Paris Grand Slam, Paris, France

Nekoda put in a mature and independent performance today to win her first medal at the prestigious Paris Grand Slam. She took out opponents from Bulgaria, USA, Korea and Israel, only losing the semi to Yoshida of Japan. This bronze medal is very special, with the Paris tournament being one of the strongest and toughest to compete at any time in the Olympic cycle. 

10th & 11th February - Matsumae Cup (Danish Open), Denmark

Showgo was selected as part of a strong England team. He won bronze on Saturday in the Senior section and pushed even further on Sunday, winning silver in the Junior age band. A great weekend's work from this judoka!

13th February - Ealing Judo Club February Tournament, West Acton, London

GOLD Robyn Davies
GOLD Stefan Krunic 
GOLD Kyrese Lares
SILVER Anoop Kaur
SILVER Sara Krunic
SILVER Anton Derkach
SILVER Ellis Davies
SILVER Jack Devaney
SILVER Callum Burt
BRONZE Zacki Landy
BRONZE Jai Gandhi
BRONZE Osca Thomas

it was a great experience to have members of the Korean Judo club, Juplish, competing at our event. Thank you to Sensei Ahn for presenting the trophies and medals. 

17th February - British Universities Judo Championships, Sheffield

Jess represented Brighton Uni and Ryan travelled with Anglia Ruskin. Jess fought very well, afternwuite a long break from competition, winning 4 out of 5 contests to win bronze. Ryan also won 4 out of 5 contests, losing in the final, to bring home a silver medal. 

18th February - British Universities Team Championships, Sheffield

Ryan fought in the Anglia Ruskin team, which won silver with some great Judo. 

23rd February - Düsseldorf Grand Slam, Germany

Five stunning wins against high quality opposition (and all for maximum score) took Nekoda to her first Grand Slam gold. This is worth important points on the IKF world ranking list and it has taken Koda up to number 3 in the world. Congratulations from everyone. 

24th February - Moberly Stars Mini-Mon, Stonebridge, London

Above L-R: Ellis, Evan, Ramtin, Matteo & Marco with their medals.

We had a lovely day in North-West London, with 9 of our developing competition squad. They each put in a great effort and were rewarded with some rather pretty medals. 

GOLD Callum Burt
SILVER Ellis Davies
SILVER Evan Spencer
BRONZE Maya Aubert-Gomez
BRONZE Sammy Zaitshek
BRONZE Jai Gandhi
BRONZE Ramtin Zolfagharinia
BRONZE Marco Lamagna
BRONZE Matteo Lamagna

25th February - North-West Senior Open, Blackburn, Lancashire

Above L-R: Abdel, Dinu, Vlad & Natasha

Kyu Grades
GOLD Dinu Bucalet

Dan Grades
GOLD Natasha Glassford
SILVER Vladimir Oleinic
BRONZE Abdel Naouri

Ben fought too, his first event for approximately 4 years and although no medal came of it, 20 points were earned at the grading after the tournament.

4th March - Northern Home Counties Orange Belt & Below, High Wycombe

GOLD Jaap Kaur 
GOLD Sophie Wilkinson
SILVER Maya Aubert-Gomez
SILVER Jack Devaney

Ellis also fought today, in his first event including orange belts. He won two and lost two contests to place 7th in a large group. Thanks to the travelling fan club, as always. 

11th March - Southern Area Age Bands, Crawley, Sussex

Junior (-21)
GOLD Ryan Burt 
SILVER Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Adam Burt

Cadet (-18)
BROZE Connor Gossedge
7th place Adam Burt

A-Band (-12)
SILVER Peter Davies

AA-Band (-10)
BRONZE Callum Burt

11th March - Spanish Super Cup, Alicante, Spain

We had a great experience in Alicante with our Pre-Cadets. For Mounir and sofia it was their first international competition. Luke didn't fight this time and so was the lead cheerleader throughout. Mounir won a bronze in a very big group. Dlair placed 7th. Sofia was unplaced but pleased to have won a contest at such a high quality event. 

17/18th March 2018 - British Schools Championships, Sheffield

We had a disappointing weekend in Sheffield. Alex, Francesca, Adam and Connor all approached the event positively but a mixture of things prevented them from displaying their best work and kept them shy of the rostrum. Connor just missed out, losing for bronze in the older age band and having to fight up at -60 with there being no-55kg group offered. 

24th March - Romania National Championships

Elena flew home to her native Romania to compete in the National Championships, a brave move as she hadn't fought at national level for a few years. She fought well but lost the first round contest narrowly, in a straight knockout system. 

25th March - Bremen Masters, Germany

Ryan travelled with the national team to this notoriously tough and well attended international event. He lost his first contest controversially and went out at that point. 

31st March &1st April - Sportif International, UEL, East London


In the Junior (-21) age band Showgo fought up at -66kg and enjoyed some strong contests with Canadian, Portuguese and British opposition. He placed 5th at the end of the day. 

Pre-Cadets (-15)
GOLD Mounir Baaziz
SILVER Luke Davies
BRONZE Maddy Birri
5th place Sofia Krunic
Unplaced Dlair Singh

A-Band (-12)
GOLD Peter Davies
SILVER Peter Palotas
BRONZE Jaap Kaur
Unplaced Ellis Davies & Stefan Krunic


Cadets (-18)
SILVER Tohgo Kimura
5th place Connor Gossedge
Unplaced Adam Burt & Francesca Birri

13th April - Judo Klub Sankaku Friendly Team Match, Slovenia

What an absolute treat! We travelled to Celje, Slovenia for a week of full time training with a world class team, including Olympic medalists, European Champions and a team of outstanding coaches. While there we decided to contest a friendly team match. We faced a team from the home club, including a number of national champions and a mixed team of other visitors, including a Sri Lankan Olympian. Quite a challenge! 

We lost each match 4-3, with some cracking performances from all. Luke beat two Slovenian national champions, Ben went full time with an Olympian, so many great moments. Huge thanks to the Sankaku hosts for such a brilliant experience and for our team trophy, despite coming 3rd out of 3! 

Above: everyone who took part in this team event and those who came to support and enjoy. 

Bronzes for Peter Davies, Luke Davies, Connor Gossedge, Adam Burt, Elena Bob, Ben Westcott and Silviu Nastasa. 

Ptuja Open Slovenian Ranking Tournament, Slovenia

Above: the EJC team in Ptuja.

Little Peter Davies had 4 incredibly tough contests against opponents from Slovenia, Austria and Romania. Peter threw all opponents for the wins, with the final going into golden score before a massive ura-nage secured the gold Medal. This was particularly pleasing as 11 year old Peter was the youngest in the group, which was -15. 

In the same age band Luke fought up a weight as there was no opposition at his usual -46kg. He won all 3 contests to win gold. Connor and Adam continued the good form winning a silver and bronze respectively at -60kg in the Cadet age band. Well done to all 4 boys.

Above: our medalists with the Sankaku head coach, Fabjan. 

21st & 22nd April - Northern Ireland Open, Derry

On Saturday Connor won gold in the Junior (-31) age band, Silviu won bronze in the senior event and Cedric, despite and early win, missed out on a medal in the Masters category.

Below: a bit of judo-ing and some medals, plus a snippet of our trip out to the Giants Causeway.

On Sunday we had a bigger team. Adam, Ellis and Dlair didn't reach the rostrum this time. 

GOLD Jaap Kaur (-36)
GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Luke Davies
BRONZE Jaap Kaur (-40)
BRONZE Maya Aubert-Gomez
5th place Connor Gossedge (Cadets)

26th April - European Championships, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nekoda had a challenging day in Tel Aviv, unexpectedly losing her first round contest to a relative newcomer, but tough opponent, Cysique of France. Always lessons to be learned and we are sure this event will serve Nekoda well as she heads into the qualification period for Tokyo 2020. Always proud. 

28th April - English Pre-Cadet & Cadet Open, Walsall

Connor and Adam each put in positive performances, winning two and losing contests each. In the Pre-Cadet age band there was a gold for Mounir, bronzes for Valentine & Maddy and 5th place finishes for Luke & Dlair. Niki missed out on the placings. 

5th May - English Junior (-21) and Senior Open, Thetford, Norfolk

Above: most of the team getting ready to warm up.

SILVER Showgo Kimura
BRONZE Connor Gossedge
Unplaced Adam Burt

GOLD Ion Fiodor
BRONZE Showgo Kimura
BRONZE Silviu Nastasa
5th place Vladimir Oleinic
5th place Ben Westcott
lovepreet, Natasha, Giovanny & Abdel didn't place.

5th May - London Develipment Event, UEL, East London

GOLD Jaap Kaur
GOLD Sophie Wilkinson
GOLD Evan Spencer
SILVER Matteo Lamagna
SILVER Sophie Wilkinson (a second weight category)

Above:,Evan with his medal. 

6th May - Koersel Invitation, Belgium

Above: Repping and ready to go!

GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Sophie Wilkinson
SILVER Stefan Krunic
SILVER Peter Palotas
BRONZE Ellis Davies

Below: the team! 

11th May - Romanian University Championships

Elena Bob won bronze at -63kg. 

19th & 20th May - London Open

We had a great weekend, with the whole team, travelling fan club included, giving of their best, to produce a consistently high standard of judo and a very unified feel. 

Saturday - A-Band, Pre-Cadet & Cadet
GOLD Jaap Kaur
GOLD Maddy Birri
GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Sophie Wilkinson
SILVER Sofia Krunic
BRONZE Maya Aubert-Gomez
BRONZE Valentine Bachelez
5th place Peter Davies
5th place Connor Gossedge
Ellis, Francesca & Adam were unplaced

Sunday - Under 21, Senior & Masters
GOLD Ion Fiodor
GOLD Natasha Glassford (Masters)
GOLD Giovanny Antalika (Masters)
GOLD Moli Ramos
GOLD Silviu Nastasa (Masters)
SILVER Natasha Glassford (Senior)
BRONZE Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Giovanny Antalika
John didn't make the rostrum today. 

26th May - English Under 12 Open, Kidderminster

GOLD Jaap Kaur
SILVER Peter Davies
BRONZE Jack Devaney
Ellis fought very well at -34kg but did not medal. 

26th May - High Wycombe Masters, Buckinghamshire

Giovanny and John went along with coach Sammie and won a gold and a bronze respectively. 

2nd June - Southern Area Senior Open, Dartford

GOLD Vladimir Oleinic

9th June - Bishops Stortford Red Belt Championships

GOLD Joe Greatholder
SILVER Robyn Davies
SILVER Sammy Zaitshek
BRONZE Anton Derkach

15/16.6.18 - European Veteran Championships, Glasgow

Our 5 competitors really put it all out there at the Europeans for ages 30+. On the Friday Giovanny fought fantastically well to win a bronze medal, while on Saturday Silviu (ROU) and Natasha each placed 5th in strong fields. John (IRL) and Antonio (ITA) didn’t love but had a great experience. 

16th June - London Youth Games, Crystal Palace

This is always an interesting event, with club members competing for the respective borough team and we had players fighting for Ealing, Hillingdon and Richmond this time. 

GOLD Maddy Birri
GOLD Evan Spencer 
GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Peter Davies
SILVER Sofia Krunic
SILVER Connor Gossedge
BRONZE Maya Aubert-Gomez
BRONZE Francesca Birri
Ellis & Adam fought hard but without results. Callum and Stefan fought some fantastic fights and won many but ended their day in 5th place.

GOLD Sophie Wilkinson
Alex Thoule missed out this time

Dlair had a tough draw and didn’t chalk up a result today. 

17th June - European Veteran Team Championships, Glasgow

Silviu fought as the one non-British player in the British TM30 team. He had some great fights and the team placed 5th in the end. 

Natasha fought in the GB1 TF30 team and they won a bronze medal, following some exciting contests. 

23rd & 24th June - Kent International, Gillingham

Saturday - Belt Banded Under 16
GOLD Maya Aubert-Gomez 
GOLD Jaap Kaur
GOLD Mounir Baaziz
GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Valentine Bachelez
SILVER Maddy Birri
5th place Peter Davies
Callum, Ellis, Stefan, Sophie, Alex, Sofia, Niki & Francesca didn’t make the placings.

Sunday - Youth, Senior & Masters
GOLD Connor Gossedge
GOLD Elena Bob
GOLD Silviu Nastasa
SILVER Ben Westcott
BRONZE Adam Burt
5th place Cedric Aubert
Pierre Powell was unplaced. 

30th June - National Team Championships, Cardiff, Wales

As London comes together in this way just once a year, this is always an amazing event full of team spirit and passion. This year was no different. Ealing JC has judoka representing London in the Pre-Cadet boys and girls teams, the Cadet boy’s team and both senior teams. 

GOLD Mounir Baaziz (Pre-Cadet)
GOLD Luke Davies (Pre-Cadet)
GOLD Giovanny Antalika (Senior)
GOLD Ion Fiodor (Senior)
GOLD Vladimir Oleinic (Senior)
GOLD Silviu Nastasa (Senior)
BRONZE Maddy Birri (Pre-Cadet)
BRONZE Sofia Krunic (Pre-Cadet)
BRONZE Nekoda Davis (Senior)
BRONZE Natasha Glassford (Senior)
BRONZE Elena Bob (Senior)

Tohgo and Connor fought in the boys Cadet team but unfortunately they went out at the pool stages on points. 

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