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11th July - Pinewood Invitation, Bracknell, Berkshire

SILVER Louis Delsol
BRONZE Luke Davies
BRONZE Ibrahim Abdelaal
BRONZE Kiran de Silva
BRONZE Niamh Corrigan
BRONZE Amir Asgari
BRONZE Hugo Delsol
BRONZE Christopher Corrigan
BRONZE Tohgo Kimura

12th July - West of England Open, Swindon

GOLD Lucy King
BRONZE Rajan Sunda

GOLD Harkirat Sekhon
SILVER Lucy Chamberlain
SILVER Akhil Bist

BRONZE Rifqa Samad

This was a pretty good day, overall. On top of these medals we had good performances from Showgo and Ali, who each came 5th in their respective groups. Louis fought excellently as always. He just needs a little more experience and the medals will start rolling in. Also, Rohan competed in his first senior event and gave a credible performance, despite finding the lengthened fight time tough to cope with. Jamie had a really good go at it, got stuck in, but couldn't raise a result this time. And last, but not least, Phoebe: she had an excellent day, beating her nemesis in the first contest. Sadly she didn't continue in this vein and went out, but it was worth the drive to Swindon just for that win. Well done all.

18th July - National Team Championships, St. Helens, Merseyside

This was an excellent day, with EJC taking 6 medals as part of the London girls' and boys' teams. This is was the first National medal for both Eliot and Laurence, so aparticularly big well done to them.

GOLD Laurence Legon
GOLD Rohan Bist
GOLD Eliot Bradford
SILVER Harkirat Sekhon
SILVER Megan Howard
SILVER Lucy Chamberlain

Above: the whole girls' team, including our 3 stars.

EJC's warriors from the boys' team, holding the team-winners' cup.

14th August - Ealing Judo Club Summer Tournament

SILVER Amir Asgari
SILVER Kiran de Silva
SILVER Hani'el Busette
SILVER Christopher Corrigan
BRONZE Niamh Corrigan
BRONZE Luke Davies

23rd August - Lakeland Open, Kendal, Cumbria

What can I say! Three girls fought and all 3 reached the final, with Lucy C taking gold and Phoebe & Harkirat each winning silver. They all fought superbly. Well done girls.

12th September - Olen Cup, Antwerp, Belgium

ABOVE: Our little team with their 'Mini Pot' prizes.

Erik, Chris and Lucy K made the journey into Belgium. For Lucy this was an integral part of her development leading up to the 'A' band Nationals in October. She performed her duties admirably, learning throughout her contests and competing with determination. She won all by ippon to take gold.

Erik fought superbly in only his 2nd tournament and he came away wih a more than credible silver. Chris stepped up an age band, but despite this challenge made the event an education for himself and came away with a bronze for his efforts.

This young team is full of potential. Keep it up little ones!

13th September - Sussex Yellow Belt Championships

GOLD Showgo Kimura
SILVER Lucy King
BRONZE Luka Kljutic
BRONZE Maxime Cacaly

26th September - London Area Trials for the British Championships

GOLD Eliot Bradford
GOLD Phoebe Harris
GOLD Hanna Toogood
GOLD Lucy Chamberlain
GOLD Akhil Bist
SILVER Jamie King
SILVER Harkirat Sekhon
SILVER Rohan Bist
SILVER Jason Tran
BRONZE Conor Corrigan
BRONZE Rifqa Samad

27th September - Devizes Annual Tounament, Wiltshire

EJC had an excellent day overall. Harkirat kicked us off with a gold in the Juniors. The rest of our u16's followed suit, with a gold from Akhil and a bronze from Lucy. Then the seniors came on to fight and although John and Lyam didn't manage the results they hoped fro it was still a positive experience. Rohan, however, was in fine form and not only did he take his first ever senior medal (a bronze), but he also won his first 20 points towards his Dan grade.

Well done team. Below: the brothers Bist with their medals.

3rd October - British Masters Championships, Dagenham, Essex

Our Adult class should be extremely proud today, as the first of them jumped on to EJC's National medal board. Evelyne gave her best competitive performance to date, to be rewarded with a silver medal. John H also gave a credible performance, finishing in 5th place, just shy of a bronze.

4th October - British Championships (Age 10 & 11), Dagenham, Essex

We had an up and down day. Ali, Maxime and Showgo struggled, following long Summers away with no training, but had a good go. Showgo finished in 5th place. But Lucy was excellent winning a silver and Luka fought out of his skin to claim a bronze. I am very happy with the way the team conducted themselves today and am looking forward to next year's event very much, as all of the group are young enough to compete in this age band again.

Below: Luka & Lucy with their National medals.

4th October - Kyu Grade Cup, High Wycombe, Bucks

Martin & Evelyne went on this trip. Martin fought well and won a bronze medal and Evelyne, although no medal, won her first ten points towards her Dan grade. Well done to both.

10th & 11th October - British Championships, Sheffield


We had a mixed set of fortunes, as always at the Nationals. Our 95s had it hard, moving up into the 'C' (Cadet) age band, but all equipped themselves well. Phoebe and Harkirat, despite such a positive training period leading up to the event, went out early. Conor had a good day, winning two tough contests before losing out. Hanna's first experience of this level of competition was a great learning experience for her.

In the 'D' Band Rifqa made a welcome return to national level competition and fought very well, but with no podium finish this time. Rohan was a little out of sorts, fighting at not quite his best, but looks ready to turn things around for next year. For Jason it was a first shot at the Nationals. He didn't fair so well, but has a renewed resolve to improve.

In the 'B' band Jamie had his first shot at the Nationals. He learned probably more than anyone else on the day. The club is very pleased with his performance and positive attitude.

Then to the medals: well Akhil was fabulous in his first year in the 'C' band, feeling a little pressure going in as National Champion from the year before. He was unlucky to lose the one contest he did but came away with an excellent bronze for his trouble. Lucy, also in the 'C' band, had high expectations set for herself, but was ready to meet them. She stormed through the early rounds winning each contest impressively by ippon, and not with the same old judo. Sadly she then had a 4 hour break to the final and this wa to be Lucy's downfall. Following a little sleep, a meal and some gentle conversation with frineds Lucy did not fight well. The desire was there but the body refused to follow. It was to be a silver. She was very disappointed with herself but with any luck has learnt more about how she needs to prepare for important contests.

Last up I report on Eliot. He has always had the ability to medal at National level, but has, for various reasons, missed out... until now. He had 4 tough contests, but won 3 by ippon. His final was against a very strong opponent from the South, whose judo was not spectacular but his overpowering might was! Eliot too had to settle for a silver, but a the end of the day he was a very happy National medalist - his first medal at an individual National event.

Well done to the whole team. I can say with certainty that this group was an absolute pleasure to travel with. I haven't enjoyed a trip such as this more in the past and can't wait for our next trips together. Well done all, you were a credit to yourselves and to your club.

18th October - Clacton International Championships, Clacton, Essex

Dynamic duo, Phoebe and Harkirat, were on the case today. Both fought well and came away with silver medals for their trouble. Phoebe was especially strong, throwing big style.

24th October - NHC u12 & u16, High Wycombe, Bucks

Our new 'A' band national medalists were in good form today with a repeat of the medals they won 3 weeks ago. Lucy won a silver and Luka a bronze in the under 12 section.

In the under 16 group Jamie was our lone ranger, well worth the trip though, with a much improved gripping style and great determination. No medal, but excellent progress.

25th October - Hampshire Senior Open, Portsmouth

A proud day indeed. Helping your babies step up into senior judo of any kind is a bit scary, but when they perform as well as they did today they can help to relax the coach. Rifqa, with a recently renewed love for her judo, fought excellently and won a bronze. Rohan picked up another 20 points on the way to his bronze.

Then there was Lucy; such confidence. She won the 70s with relative ease, earning points from a 5th Dan along the way. So we decided the Open might be worth a shot... she won that too and at the end of the day came home (just in time for X-Factor) with 2 gold medals and 47 points. Well done little ones - you were fantastic today.

5th November - EJC Fireworks Night Knock Out

GOLD Luke Davies
GOLD Tohgo Kimura
GOLD Amir Asgari
GOLD Jonathan Sookias
SILVER Yuta Hyuga
SILVER Oscar Gjesdal
SILVER Kiran de Silva
SILVER James Sookias
SILVER Christopher Corrigan
SILVER Simon Kostin
SILVER Katya Thomas
BRONZE Sasha Derlach
BRONZE Niamh Corrigan
BRONZE Hugo Delsol
BRONZE Louis Delsol
BRONZE Jake Wallenda-Burns

7th November - Slovak Open, Galanta, Slovakia

GOLD Akhil Bist
BRONZE Phoebe Harris

GOLD Harkirat Sekhon
GOLD Phoebe Harris
GOLD Lucy Chamberlain
SILVER Akhil Bist

14th November - Red Earth Open, Luxembourg

Jamie and Eliot made the long drive to Luxembourg. Eliot took a rather lucky bronze. Jamie however, fought out of his skin and improved throughout the day. He had 5 contests and won 3 by ippon, ending his day in 7th place, in a large and tough group.

BELOW: What the trip was really about - larking about in the Buffalo Grill!

21st November - Jacques Henri Teams, Brussels, Belgium

Little Luke came to watch and ended up being the stand-in man for a Belgian team who were a man down. Luke was very cute but the team were lacking something... er... judo and so he didn't get a medal, but had a great time and didn't seem to mind.

On the other hand, our Erik filled a spot in the Willesden Boys' team and was cracking. His ippon in the final clinched the gold for the team and at the end of their 6th match his was no easy ask. Most of the teams at the event were pretty damn good. We had a great day.

22nd November - Bev Price Teams, Walsall

Showgo fought excellently as the lightweight in an otherwise Willesden Team. The team, and therefore Showgo, got bronze. Also, Rohan joined Willesden's senior men's team and fought very well generally. The team, after some inteesting refereeing decisions, finished the day with bronze - an excellent experience for Rohan, who had 7 very hard contests.

28th November - Pont Sainte Maxence Invitation, Paris, France

Little Luke was great in the 'baby judo' section for the under 6s and won 3 contests, 2 with excellent ne-waza, to take a good gold. Our very own terminator, Lucy K, also fought brilliantly to win gold in her section.

The following day was spent at Eurodisney, which was a real blast. The kids (and the adults) had a wicked time. Can't wait for next year's trip already.

6th December - Salisbury Low Grades Open

GOLD Niamh Corrigan
GOLD Luka Kljutic
SILVER Showgo Kimura
SILVER Daniel Vary
BRONZE Christopher Corrigan
BRONZE Louis Delsol

14th December - WJC Christmas Championships

Of the 4 who came to compete at this friendly end of year event, 4 made it into the final. Little Luke won gold, with Sasha, Christopher and Erik each winning a silver. Well done to all 4 boys, they did a good job.

17th December - EJC Supreme Champion Fight-Off

GOLD Akhil Bist

Only one trophy given in this blue and brown belt Christmas rumble. Well done Akhil - you showed 'em!

19th December - British Kyu Grade Championships, High Wycombe

Sevani & Abror had a tough day each going out after 2 rounds. However Marint fough very well and made it into the final of the 81s. A hard fight meant a silver had to be settled for, but good job to the whole team.

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