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5th July - National Team Championships, Walsall, Midlands

This is always a highlight in the domestic calendar. The national team championships bring a with it unrivalled team spirit and determination and we wouldn't miss it for the world.

The London girls team was unable to take a medal this year, but with such a young team the future looks very bright for them indeed. Well done to the EJC crew: Hollie Walmsley, Harkirat Sekhon, Emily Harper and Jess Gordon-Brown.

The London boys team came away with bronze and Eliot Bradford ad Tohgo Kimura should be proud of playing their part in that.

Our London Senior women's team did an outstanding job, beating the eventual gold medalists, Scotland, in the pool stages. However, they lost a tightly matched semi which left them with a bronze. The team was fantastic and a real credit to themselves and their clubs. EJC says a particular well done to Harkirat, Emily, Julia Scardone and Charlotte Potter.

Above: The London Area Senior Women's Team.

20th July - Classmaster Summer Friendly, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Luke (centre) won gold today with 4 ippon victories, while Ellis (left) and Peter each won bronze medals. All 3 boys fought with great spirit. Well done to these Tiny Mighties.

24th July - Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland

Nekoda Davis made her family, club and England proud by winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She beat Wales' Kirtsy Powell and a young Canadian, before throwing and holding Scotland's Stephanie Inglis for ippon in an electric final. 

The media ocverage was a sensational new experience for Nekoda, including an evening on the BBC sofa with Clare Balding and plenty of interviews elsewhere. 

3rd August - West of England Open, Swindon

Under 12
GOLD Poppy Love
GOLD Megan Walmsley
BRONZE Peter Davies

Above: Peter about to fight, with his proud big brother supporting.

BRONZE Hollie Walmsley

GOLD Showgo Kimura
BRONZE James Preston-Howes

GOLD Harkirat Sekhon
GOLD Julia Scardone
SILVER Giovanny Antalika

Above: Some of the Mighties with their medals from today.

Luke Davies, Tohgo Kimura & Jess Gordon-Brown all fought well and took wins, but without medals this time.

9th August - Micklefield Orange Belt & Below, High Wycombe

L-R: Peter Davies (Bronze), Poppy Love (Silver), Luke Davies (Silver) & Ashton Harvey (Gold)

16th & 17th August - Eastern Area Open, Thetford, Norfolk

Saturday - A-Band, Pre-Cadet & Cadet

GOLD Peter Davies
SILVER Ashton Harvey
SILVER Tohgo Kimura
BRONZE Luke Davies
BRONZE Rhys Connor
BRONZE Showgo Kimura

Cameron Harvey also fought today but without a podium finish.

Sunday - Senior

SILVER Julia Scardone
SILVER Sammie Grant
BRONZE Scott Turner
5th place Givanny Antalika

Jess fought today,  but without a result.

7th September - Heart of England, Walsall, Midlands

GOLD Jess Gordon-Brown
SILVER Harkirat Sekhon

SILVER Harkirat Sekhon
BRONZE Julia Scardone
BRONZE Jess Gordon-Brown

Sammie Grant missed out on the medals today.

12th September - Rijeka Grand Prix, Zagreb, Croatia

Nekoda represented Great Britain at this Olympic qualifier in Zagreb, Croatia. She beat Gjakova of Kosovo in the first round and the Carmichael of the USA in the last 16, before losing to Blot of France in the quarter final. In the repecharge Nekoda beat Tremblay of Canada and then lost for the bronze medal against Jovana Rogic of Serbia. 5th place is Nekoda's best result to date at this level.

13th September - Nottingham Kyu Grade Open, Nottingham

In the green to brown belt section Sam Gulaidi-Breen was competing for the first time in almost 4 years. He put in an outstanding performance to win gold in his own weight and silver in the open, while also picking up 40 points towards his black belt. Kyle Fernandez won a silver medal today too.

In the novice to orange belt section Luke Easton displayed some very technical Judo to walk away with a silver medal, while Joao Lobato, in his debut, won his first two contests but then had to wothdraw due to concussion sustained in his second match.

Well done to the whole team.

20th September - Finland Senior European Cup, Tampere, Finland

Harkirat had a tough day in Finland, losing to a Russian in the second round and then a Fin in the Repecharge.

Julia, however, had a great day, full of learning and good performances. Despite the numbers being low a strong performance is always necessary to win the medals at this level and Julia did exactly what was required. Two big ippon throws towards the end of the day secured her, her first podium finish at a European Cup. She won a bronze medal and some European ranking points. Congratulations from everyone at the club.

27th September - Tallinn European Open, Tallinn, Estonia

Nekoda and Jo flew to Estonia for this Olympic qualifier. In the first round Nekoda drew Konkina of Russia and was leading the contest all the way, but a split second slip-up cost her the win and there ended her day. On to the next...

3rd October - Glasgow European Open for Women, Glasgow, Scotland

Nekoda was hoping for a medal on home soil, especially having been crowned Commonwealth Champion here only a couple of months before, however, it was not to be. A win in the first round against a tough Czech opponent and then a loss to Mueller of Germany in the quarter final gave Nekoda World bronze medalist Verhagen of the Netherlands in the repecharge. Nekoda came out all guns blazing but didn't get the result she wanted, settling for 7th place.

3rd October - Kyu Grade Cup, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

With coach Julia at the helm Luke Easton, Joao Lobato and Pierre Powell were in safe hands. Joao fought well, taking a bronze medal, while Pierre and Luke destroyed the u66kg group, to meet each othe in the final. Pierre won in ne-waza, giving him the gold and Luke the silver. Well done to all.

10th October - Astana Grand Prix, Kazakhstan

Thanks to Gabriela Sabau of the IJF, for the great photo (above).

Nekoda had a wonderful day in Astana, going one better than she did in Croatia a few weeks ago. ROund 1: win by ippon against Tschopp of Switzerland. Round 2: win by 3 shidos against Hevondian of the Ukraine. Quarter final: win by waza-ari throw against Olympic Champion Quintavalle of Italy. Semi final: loss against current World and European medalist Filzmoser of Austria. Bronze medal match: win by ippon throw and hold against Canada's Tremblay.

This medal has given Nekoda a massive boost of Olympic qualifying points and sees her shoot 7 places up the world rankings. 

12th October - Nottingham Red Belt Championships, Nottingham

Ashton Harvey won gold and Alexey Beliakov won bronze. A tiny team, but definitely a might one!

Above: Ashton and Alexey with their medals. Thanks to Scott for looking after them today.

18th October - British 'A' Band Championships, Kidderminster

It is rare to have only one tiny person at this event and it is likely that, that put the pressure on a bit for our Megan. Megan Walmsley fought out of her skin today, in 6 tough contests. Four of Megan's wins were by the maximum score of ippon. She won a bronze medal and deservedly so.

Above: Megan on the rostrum, 3rd from the left.

18th October - High Wycombe Mini-Mon, High Wycombe, Bucks

Our two Tiny Mighties and their fearless leader, Julia, headed to Wycombe for what is always a tough day. Poppy Love and Luke Davies fought extremely well and with a mature attitude to bring home two gold medals. Well done to the little people.

19th October - British Masters Championships, Kidderminster

We had a great day in Kidderminster, with all 3 of our fighters winning medals in their own categories and in the open events. 

Giovanny became British Masters Champion, beating some great competitors along the way and collecting his final points for his competitive 1st Dan grade. Moli won silver and John won a bronze medal.

In the open events they doubled their medals, exactly and all took points for their next grades.

Above: Moli with her two silver medals.

25th October - Swedish Senior European Cup, Helsingborg, Sweden

Despite the lack of medals all three of our girls gave great performances, working hard throughout. Julia and Harkirat each placed 7th, while Charlotte used some great ne-waza early in the day to win, but finished just outside of the placings.

25th & 26th October - Southend International, Southend, Essex

The EJC team gave a good account of themselves, with several players fighting in more than once category, using the tougher group as a challenge to push development.

GOLD Cameron Harvey (5th place in 2nd category)
GOLD Ryan Burt
GOLD Sammie Grant
SILVER Ashton Harvey
SILVER Ryan Burt
SILVER Daniel Woodhouse
SILVER Jess Gordon-Brown
SILVER Sammie Grant
BRONZE Adam Burt
BRONZE Daniel Woodhouse
BRONZE Scott Turner

31st October - Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, UAE

Nekoda won her first contest, beating Zeltner of Austria, but then lost in a hard but pleasing match with Malloy of USA, Olympic bronze medalist.This put Nekoda out of the event.

1st November - Malaga Senior European Cup, Spain

Julia Scardone travelled to Malaga to complete the 2014 European Cup circuit. She had two tough, close contests but could not progress on this occasion.

1st & 2nd November - Welsh Open, Cardiff, Wales

GOLD John Hough (Masters)
BRONZE Harkirat Sekhon (Junior)
BRONZE Sammie Grant (Senior)
5th place Ryan Burt (Cadet)
5th place Scott Turner (Senior)

Jess fought in the Senior section without result.

8th November - African Continental Open (Olympic qualifier), Port Louis, Mauritius

Nekoda won all contests to win her first Continental Open gold. This also gave her 100 very welcome world ranking points. 

9th November - Yawara International, Belgium

The group (pictured abive)!were fantastic ambassadors for the club this weekend, displaying perfect manners and really positive Judo. Four of the 5 won all contests with some excellent ippons: well done Maddy Birri, Luke Davies, Megan Walmsley & Rhys Connor. Francesca Birri won a bronze too, completing the line up. 

15th November - Oceania Continental Open, Woollagong, Australia

Nekoda traveled from Mauritius to Australia with lots of changes in time zone to contend with. She recovered and prepared well and won her first contest against Canada's Klimkait, whom she last beat in the semi-final of the Commonwealth Games earlier in the year. She the. Beat Scotland's Steph Inglis to move into the final, where she dispatched Korean fighter, Kim, for ippon, to take her second gold in as many weekends.

15th November - Southern Area Pre-Cadet, Cadet & Junior Open, Crawley, Sussex

GOLD Tohgo Kimura
GOLD Showgo Kimura (Cadet)
GOLD Showgo Kimura (Junior)
GOLD Ryan Burt
GOLD Emily Harper

Ibrahim, Hollie and Cameron all fought today, but without podium finishes.

16th November - Ealing Judo Club Autumn Invitation

GOLD Ashton Harvey
GOLD Poppy Love
GOLD Maddy Birri
GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Tyler Offiah
SILVER Gene Astley
SILVER Robyn Davies (Robyn's debut event)
SILVER Alexey Beliakov
BRONZE Indie Gjesdal
BRONZE Ellis Davies
BRONZE Edvin Kudriavcev
BRONZE Samia Islam
BRONZE Phoenix Offiah
BRONZE Nina Beliakova

Special awards were also give to Tyler (throw of the day) and Maddy (spirit of Judo)

The tournament was follwed by Masterclasses with Danny Williams, Commonwealth Champion. Thanks to Danny for coming along and offering a little inspiration to the next generation.

22nd November - London Area Schools' Open, UEL, London

GOLD Luke Davies
GOLD Megan Walmsley
GOLD Megan Walmsley (second category)
GOLD Ibrahim Abdelaal
GOLD Ryan Burt
BRONZE Rhys Connor
BRONZE Kyle Fernandez

23rd November - London Universities & Colleges Open, UEL, London

GOLD Harkirat Sekhon (Junior)
GOLD Harkirat Sekhon (Senior)
GOLD Julia Scardone
SILVER Jess Gordon-Brown (Junior)
SILVER Jess Gordon-Brown (Senior)

Luke Easton placed 5th in the Kyu grade section.

29th November - Osterley Invitation, Hounslow, Middlesex

GOLD Poppy Love
GOLD Peter Davies
GOLD Mounir Baaziz
GOLD Luke Davies
SILVER Oscar Gjesdal
BRONZE Indie Gjesdal
BRONZE Alessio Martinelli
BRONZE Alexey Beliakov
BRONZE Ashton Harvey

6th & 7th December - British Championships for Pre-Cadets and Cadets, Sheffield

Above: Tohgo competing in the semi-final

Our Cadet boys put in good performances, with Showgo winning bronze and Ryan placing 7th. Tohgo won a silver medal in the Pre-Cadet age band, mirroring his result in the 'A' Band.

There was a good effort from Ibrahim, Cameron, Erik, Rhys & Hollie.

13th & 14th December - British Championships for Juniors & Seniors, Sheffield

Above: a few images from Junior day.

On Junior day Harkirat and Showgo each won a bronze. Showgo's achievement was outstanding, especially considering he was only just 15 that week. Well done to Jess, Ryan and Luke Balfre for their efforts too.

Our Seniors fought well on the Sunday, with Nekoda becoming British Champion again and Harkirat winning a bronze again. Julia, Charlotte, Sammie and Scott all fought but without a medal-winning finish.

20th December - European Club Championships, Netherlands

Nekoda was asked to compete for Dutch club Kenamju, with coach Benito Maij at the helm. This was a fantastic, fun way for Nekoda to end a hard year. She fought up a weight and still managed to win every contest, beating Olympians along the way. The Kenamju team won a bronze medal.

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